Our customers have given the software a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 88%.

Customer stories

70% of those who have piloted QualityDesk continue to use the app. Watch the video to find out how the pilot period went at LocalTapiola and why they decided to continue using the app!

"We first begun working together with QualityDesk during the pilot period. For a few months, we tested the software in a Contact Centre serving large volumes of customers. The pilot period convinced us that we should start using the software throughout our organization"
Jutta Joffell
Head of omnichannel customer interaction at LocalTapiola
“We've got a better handle on the quantity and quality of quality evaluations. This has given us greater visibility of the development path and information on the development of individuals. And the fact that the information is in one place is more than a plus.”
"From a quality perspective, we monitor internal quality development through the QualityDesk, but of course the customer experience is also a factor. Internal work would be pointless if quality development was not reflected in the customer experience. It has been nice to see that when internal quality is improved, the customer experience automatically improves. In one year, we have improved 25% of the customer's experience of the friendliness of the service. Now we are closer to 95%!"
Posti group oyj
Posti Oyj (Finnish Post Office)
“I would recommend the app to everyone except competitors. I would not recommend it to competitors because it would be an advantage for them."

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