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QualityDesk was created to satisfy a real demand!

The founders created QualityDesk to meet needs that they had identified based on 40 years of combined leadership and team managements experience.

Ville Mikkonen was the one who brought it all together. He first felt the need to create software like this in 2005. At the time, he was working as a telemarketer and was promoted to a sales team coach. The team’s results were poor, but the reason for this was not yet clear.

To be able to coach the employees on the right topics, he first had to find out what was happening during the customer interactions. As a solution, Ville created an Excel form that he used as the basis for his internal quality assurance work. He listened to each employee’s customer interactions, evaluating them and thus identifying their development needs on an individual level. Then he began to work on these topics in coaching sessions – sometimes on a daily basis.

Significant improvements in sales and employee satisfaction

Records were kept of all coaching sessions, development targets were set, and in a couple of months, significant results were achieved in terms of sales and, more importantly, in terms of employee satisfaction. The employees felt that they were valued and that their work really mattered. 

However, as is typical with these makeshift solutions, there is a “but”. As the months went by, the process began to wither away. Ville simply did not have enough time to do enough evaluations with his Excel form, send the evaluations and coaching materials to the employees via email, and follow up on their areas for improvement. Everything felt chaotic.

Even today, most organizations still face this same problem. When you think of an organization with hundreds or even thousands of employees, how much time do you think manual processes like this take every year?

Good leadership is our passion

As explained above, our software has been created to meet existing needs – and this is reflected in our first two years in business. Our clients, who are some of the largest organizations in Finland, have embraced QualityDesk as part of their organization’s vital processes. These processes impact the customer experience, the employee experience and the achievement of results and goals in customer service and sales, while also helping the experts.

Good leadership is our passion, and we want to help any organization that genuinely wants to improve their leadership and customer experience!


We will gladly help you with any questions you might have regarding the software, customer service or sales. Get in touch with us today and let us show you how we can be of service.

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