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Whether your interest is in quality assurance, coaching, management, customer experience, employee experience, or all of the above, we can help.


10€ Per user/month

The easiest way to start ensuring the quality of your customer service and sales, and coaching your staff.
  • Try 30 days for free with code FREE30
  • Buy online and start in minutes.
  • Intuitive, easy to use, browser-based software.
  • Clear user instructions & quick, highly rated customer support.
  • Creation & editing features of evaluation & coaching forms + pre-made templates.
  • Importing users to the software in bulk.
  • Real-time reporting and development monitoring.
  • Employee development view.
  • Contains six roles: Admin, Management, Unit leader, Team leader, Coach & Employee.
  • Monthly billing.
  • Price: 10€ / user / month (VAT 0).


2 500 €
For an organisation with multiple teams and/or operational units that wants to streamline systematic quality work across the organisation.
  • Agree on the schedule of the project and a survey to determine the current state of the business. Agree on the interviewees and observations.
  • Conducting the survey.
  • Review of findings.
  • Agree on the activities and key objectives for the pilot.
  • Implementation of the software and user training by QualityDesk.
  • Creation of assessment forms and coaching forms together.
  • Expert's support at your disposal throughout the project.
  • A final project meeting to review the results and findings, and the way forward.
  • Duration: Survey 2-4 weeks + 2 months pilot.
  • Price: 2500 € (VAT 0).
"Here is a tool that is made for real need! Although I like Excels, which you can use in many situations, when it comes to monitoring the quality of customer service or coaching staff, QualityDesk is top-notch! Easy, fast and transparent for supervisors, coaches and their most important, ie customer advisors."
Posti group oyj
Kaisa Salmitaival
Posti Oyj (Finnish Post Office)
“I would recommend the app to everyone except competitors. I would not recommend it to competitors because it would be an advantage for them."
Sales Account Manager
“With QualityDesk, the competencies and weaknesses of individual customer service agents are highlighted in a completely different way, and the monitoring and reporting features allow you to track progress in a totally new way.“
VSP logo
Irina Tavio

Why choose Starter

Starter is the perfect solution for organisations with less than 50 people operating in a contact center environment or with goal-oriented customer service and sales units.

Systematic quality work is key to achieving your goals. With QualityDesk’s quality assurance and coaching features, you can increase your team’s performance by more than 10% compared to today.

QualityDesk helps your team to achieve their goals and much more
QualityDesk offers solutions for continuous quality development in customer interactions.

Why choose Quality development project

Together with our expert, you will develop a comprehensive quality assurance process for customer interactions using QualityDesk-software. Simultaneously, you will build a coaching leadership process that will help each supervisor to lead systematically their employees.

The data from the project will help to further improve your company’s operations and provides clear guidelines and instructions for the future, which will lead to guaranteed results in terms of quality, customer experience and sales. Money-back guarantee!

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

QualityDesk is software for customer service and sales quality assurance and staff coaching, born out of the founders’ own frustrations with poor tools in the industry. QualityDesk makes it easy, efficient and measurable to assess and continuously improve the quality of customer interactions. 

QualityDesk is a quality assurance and coaching software that can be used for quality assurance of customer interactions and coaching of staff. QualityDesk can be used to build evaluation forms for assessing customer interactions and coaching forms for coaching staff. In addition, the application provides features for measuring customer and employee experience, visual reporting and employee progress monitoring.

The software has six different user roles: admin, management, unit manager, team leader, coach, and employee. Thus, the app can be used for managing and coaching the entire organisation!

Employee orientation can also be built into QualityDesk, allowing later verification that the employee has completed the required tasks.

QualityDesk gathers the whole quality assurance process into one software. It makes the data easy to extract and identifies areas for improvement.

Thanks to QualityDesk, our customers have saved thousands of working hours, improved compliance, increased sales, and improved both customer and employee satisfaction.

When you want to buy the QualityDesk software online, you first go to the checkout page where you can fill in the information required to set up the software and provide your credit card details. Once payment has been made, you can go to the front page of the software and start creating usernames in the software. The software’s chat tool contains clear setup instructions.

Otherwise, please contact sales via the Contact Us page or email

Yes you can! At the checkout page, use code FREE30 to get 30 days free trial.

Once you have made a purchase, confirm your order via the message sent to you by email. You will then be able to log in to the app. You will find a chat in the bottom right corner where you can access the guides for setting up QualityDesk. You can also send us a message in the chat if you have any questions.

The data is stored in the EU.

The QualityDesk customer service is available on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm Finnish time. You can contact customer service via the chat window in the software or by phone. The self-service portal is available 24/7.

Yes, you can. When purchasing online, you will normally be charged monthly, so you can stop using the app whenever you want. 

Our customers have given the software a net promoter score (NPS) of 88. The most obvious reason is the ease of use of the software. Unlike many software applications, QualityDesk does not cause so many feelings of frustration. Another reason is the speed of our customer service. During service hours, we respond to all support requests within the same day.