QualityDesk for insurance companies

QualityDesk helps you ensure that the right things are done in customer interactions to achieve the desired goals.

Customer interactions are particularly important for insurance companies. When a customer contacts the customer service, they are often in distress, which is why the interaction should be managed with great care. 

At the same time, add-on sales play an important role in the process so that the customer can enjoy the best insurance coverage solutions for them in all areas of life. This means that the customer interaction must include a wide range of aspects requiring skills that are hard to learn and maintain without systematic monitoring. 

Typically, insurance companies struggle with, among others

  • Keeping a consistent quality standard across teams
  • Being able to manage legal changes quickly and communicate them to the agents consistently
  • Agents relying too much on their supervisors to tackle problems due to their uncertainty about their ability to handle situations appropriately
  • Slow and inefficient processes related to quality assurance, compliance and reporting
  • The use of outdated systems, making it difficult to monitor processes and compliance.
By using QualityDesk, you can be certain that the right things are done in customer interactions to achieve the desired goals


Regular coaching sessions are the key to developing and maintaining the skills of the agents. The broad nature of the insurance sector and the wide range of offers, policies and even legal matters require systematic coaching leadership and clear operational goals.  

QualityDesk helps you achieve all this and much more. You can coach the skills of your employees while ensuring compliance as well. Moreover, as the QualityDesk brings all the data together in one place where management can see quality and performance levels across the organisation at unit, team and agent level, managers can see immediately where differences occur and take targeted actions to improve these areas. By using QualityDesk, you can be certain that the right things are done in customer interactions to achieve the desired goals, whether it be in terms of add-on sales, efficiency, the customer experience or all of these! 

GDPR-compliant data management

Customer data has to be systematically managed, but the same goes for employee data.

A large number of organizations record their management discussions completely at random. The most common solutions include note tools, emails and Word and Excel documents. Data management becomes fragmented and can even become unmanageable. What if an employee asks for their information? Compiling them may prove impossible.  

QualityDesk offers a solution to this where all operative management discussions are gathered into one application. Everything can be found behind one login, for management, supervisors and employees. There is no need to send information by email, Teams or in various files.  

In addition, QualityDesk’s automatic data deletion allows you to delete all old data according to the data security guidelines of your company or the law. A report is generated of each deletion, leaving a trace that can be verified if necessary. This makes it easier to comply with the provisions of the GDPR, among others.  

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