Coaching, that moves you forward

Employees need feedback to improve, but so does the management. QualityDesk’s coaching features encourage discussions throughout the organization.


Good leadership is coaching leadership

In modern business culture, the definition of good leadership has transformed in a meaningful way. Gone are the days of shouting and ordering like they do in armies. Modern day leadership is about open communication, trusting relationships, and cultures where everybody thrives.

QualityDesk makes powerful coaching easier than ever. We’ve created hundreds of deep conversations within different levels of organisations and thus have created a sense of togetherness and meaning for our thousands of users.


Our clients have reported an increase in the pace at which strategic changes have been implemented. The top-level leadership of the company can see how lower levels of the organisations are doing in real time, without caring about country borders. This helps develop a healthier organisation, where open communication and coaching is the rule, not the exception. This, in turn, has a fundamental effect on everybody who works in the organisation.
Give up inefficient practices and get your quality assurance processes in order at once!


10€ / profile / month

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