QualityDesk scales to many needs

Whatever your business, you can utilize QualityDesk’s features to develop your business.

One software, several purposes

In addition to coaching leadership and quality assurance, you can use QualityDesk for several purposes:


New employees and substitute employees need introduction to their job and practices within organization. They also have to be aware of legal requirements, e.g. safety requirements.

With QualityDesk, you ensure that employees complete their introduction training and that they get all the necessary information.


Measure employee satisfaction and hold development conversations to keep your finger on the pulse.

QualityDesk makes it easy to measure the employee mood in an organization and identify areas for improvement in management and processes.

Digital reporting platform

Organizations must comply with a lot of statutory requirements and standards. QualityDesk allows you to create forms for auditing (e.g. ISO standards), reporting and documentation in digital format.

Administrative tool

With QualityDesk, you can easily implement strategy and changes in an organization and follow execution in different units. Change management with QualityDesk is easier than ever!

Good leadership is coaching leadership

Whatever your business, you can utilize the coaching leadership features of QualityDesk in operative management. You can have QualityDesk up and running in 2–4 hours without the need to integrate it with other systems. Integrations are certainly possible, if needed, e.g. with HR systems.  

In practice, you can build coaching forms in QualityDesk and customize them to suit the specific needs of your organization! Among other things, forms can include factors related to coping at work, achieving results, causes of frustration, strategy, workplace culture or all of these at once.

The HR and management can monitor the state of leadership in real time. Automatic reporting clearly shows which teams, units or locations practice coaching leadership and how much. This also helps to recognize how leadership affects efficiency, the customer experience and the employee experience.

Due to the coaching features, you can make sure that your organization exercises leadership systematically in the areas that are important for your organization.

GDPR-compliant data management

Customer data has to be systematically managed, but the same goes for employee data.

A large number of organizations record their management discussions completely at random. The most common solutions include note tools, emails and Word and Excel documents. Data management becomes fragmented and can even become unmanageable. What if an employee asks for their information? Compiling them may prove impossible.  

QualityDesk offers a solution to this where all operative management discussions are gathered into one application. Everything can be found behind one login, for management, supervisors and employees. There is no need to send information by email, Teams or in various files.  

In addition, QualityDesk’s automatic data deletion allows you to delete all old data according to the data security guidelines of your company or the law. A report is generated of each deletion, leaving a trace that can be verified if necessary. This makes it easier to comply with the provisions of the GDPR, among others.  

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