Work force management

Monitor the development of quality and recognize its impact on resource allocation.

What are the benefits of QualityDesk for workforce management (WFM)?

Resource allocation in a contact center can be either tough or easy. Simply put, if you have a good resource allocation tool, the task should be easy, right? Not quite. 

Resources are people who manage customer interactions across multiple channels, often dealing with a wide variety of topics as well. The average handle time can be calculated for all contacts, and a good resource allocation tool can even estimate the average handle times to the nearest 15 minutes for the whole year. They can also display the history, i.e., how many contacts there have been and what has been the average handle time in the past.  

 These features will go quite a long way when it comes to good resource allocation. But people often forget the importance of quality assurance for the accuracy of resource allocation. After all, customer service agents may interact with customers in completely different ways, which makes resource allocation more difficult. 

Consistent quality standards

The purpose of quality assurance is to try to systematically evaluate the customer interactions of each customer service agent in order to identify what takes place in these interactions and what should be developed so that we can get everyone to work in compliance with more or less the same quality standards.  

 The systematic monitoring of agents and allowing them to regularly evaluate their work themselves will have a big impact on the work and thereby the handle times and follow-up times. Once these are specified for everyone, resource allocation will be easier.  

 QualityDesk helps organizations carry out systematic quality monitoring easily. All the evaluations provide data in real time, allowing e.g. resource allocators to examine the development of quality, when necessary, and recognize its impact on resource allocation.  

The coaching leadership features of QualityDesk help ensure that the agreed areas of development are addressed as agreed so that procedures can be modified more quickly in the desired direction.  

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