Measuring customer satisfaction

With QualityDesk, you can easily create customer surveys and send these directly through the software.

External quality assurance

In case you need to create customer satisfaction survey, forget about every other tool. With QualityDesk you’ll be able to easily create the most important customer satisfaction surveys for your organisation, and send them via email or SMS. Show your customers that you care!

Thinking about the technical side of surveys can be forgotten — we’ve made it easier than ever. The surveys are accessible to every key person immediately after the survey has been sent, and real time reporting allows for quick adjustments and immensely fast progress.

Measure customer experience

By measuring customer experience, you can verify whether your organisation’s internal goals are also taking care of the customer experience. Every employee to whom a customer provides feedback can see the result in real time and can therefore already analyse the reasons behind the result, for example by self-assessment and reflection directly in QualityDesk.

Supervisor will be able to help individual employees in coaching sessions and by working systematically in this way, your organisation is sure to achieve the desired goals. By improving internal quality, you are automatically improving external quality i.e. customer experience!

With QualityDesk, you can easily create customer surveys and send them directly from the software
“We've got a better handle on the quantity and quality of quality evaluations. This has given us greater visibility of the development path and information on the development of individuals. And the fact that the information is in one place is more than a plus.”
"From a quality perspective, we monitor internal quality development through the QualityDesk, but of course the customer experience is also a factor. Internal work would be pointless if quality development was not reflected in the customer experience. It has been nice to see that when internal quality is improved, the customer experience automatically improves. In one year, we have improved 25% of the customer's experience of the friendliness of the service. Now we are closer to 95%!"
Posti group oyj
Posti Oyj (Finnish Post Office)
“I would recommend the app to everyone except competitors. I would not recommend it to competitors because it would be an advantage for them."

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We provide solutions for customer service and sales quality assurance and employee development. The QualityDesk software consists of different features, from which you can build a package to suit your needs. With the help of QualityDesk, our customers have achieved the following results:

  • Sales growth of 10%
  • Add-on sales growth of 30%
  • Orientation time of a new employee saved by 50 %
  • 1000+ saved working hours

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