QualityDesk for teleoperators

In a tightening competitive environment, the quality of the service received by the customer is the key. QualityDesk allows you to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Competition is brutal in the world of operators! There are no huge differences in prices, all phone plans provide more or less the same coverage, and the range of additional services is also largely the same in both the B2C and the B2B sectors. For this reason, one of the biggest competitive factors is the quality of the service received by customers.

When the customer contacts the customer service or they are contacted as part of customer relationship management, it is essential that the quality of the interaction is excellent. The agent should make contact with the customer cheerfully, examine their overall situation and even their future prospects, offer products and services that actually suit the customer’s situation and preferably even surprise the customer in a positive way.  

This guarantees that the customer will be committed to the products of your operator. They feel that you care about them.  

But this begs the question of how we can ensure efficiency at the same time. Does not comprehensive customer service during an interaction make the contact longer and require more resources? The answer is probably not. 

By monitoring customer interactions you ensure that right things happen

If customers are currently being served by each customer service agent or salesperson in their own way, it is hard to predict the duration of customer interactions, which makes resource allocation challenging in any case.

When we identify clear performance goals and monitor them systematically, people start to do the right things in all their interactions. This makes resource allocation more predictable, but also makes sure that all the necessary things get done in customer interactions. If we can achieve this, monitoring customer feedback also becomes easier.  

QualityDesk gives you all this and much more. Systematic monitoring, employee self-evaluation and coaching leadership tools help operators deliver excellent customer interactions, increase add-on sales and make customer interactions more efficient in terms of their handle times.  

GDPR-compliant data management

Customer data has to be systematically managed, but the same goes for employee data.

A large number of organizations record their management discussions completely at random. The most common solutions include note tools, emails and Word and Excel documents. Data management becomes fragmented and can even become unmanageable. What if an employee asks for their information? Compiling them may prove impossible.  

QualityDesk offers a solution to this where all operative management discussions are gathered into one application. Everything can be found behind one login, for management, supervisors and employees. There is no need to send information by email, Teams or in various files.  

In addition, QualityDesk’s automatic data deletion allows you to delete all old data according to the data security guidelines of your company or the law. A report is generated of each deletion, leaving a trace that can be verified if necessary. This makes it easier to comply with the provisions of the GDPR, among others.  

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