Solutions for your requirements

QualityDesk is an agile operational management tool. There is nothing else like it on the market and the ease of use and intuitiveness of the application is in a class of its own. That’s why our more than 8000 users have given it an NPS of 88.

QualityDesk consists of four different features from which you can build the solution that best suits your organisation:

quality assurance

Quality Assurance

You can use the evaluation forms to measure the quality of your work. Whether it’s customer service, sales service, face-to-face sales or any other work-related activity, assessment forms give you clear targets for employees to achieve the best possible work efficiency, results and, for example, customer experience.

Coaching Leadership

You can use the coaching forms to make sure that the conversations between employee and supervisor are about the things that really matter to the well-being of the organisation. The coaching sessions will leave a trace, and you can agree on a development point for each session that is easy to follow up and sign off on. Everything leaves a visual trail that makes it easy to see the employee’s progress. You can also use this for coaching sessions for supervisors and management, and the feature works perfectly alongside HR applications.

Employee Experience Measurement

Employee experience measurement allows you to ask about the mood and experience of your staff on a scheduled basis or whenever you want. Employees can respond by text message, computer or other smart device at any time, keeping everyone on the pulse of their employees.

Supervisors can see employee results in the same view as quality assurance, coaching and any customer experience. This information helps to coach employees in a whole new way! No time is wasted on compiling results as everything is automatically updated in QualityDesk in real time.

Customer Experience Measurement

By measuring customer experience, you can verify whether your organisation’s internal goals are also taking care of the customer experience. Every employee to whom a customer provides feedback can see the result in real time and can therefore already analyse the reasons behind the result, for example by self-assessment and reflection directly in QualityDesk.

Supervisor will be able to help individual employees in coaching sessions and by working systematically in this way, your organisation is sure to achieve the desired goals.

Benefits for organizations

GDPR-compliant data management

Customer data has to be systematically managed, but the same goes for employee data.

A large number of organizations record their management discussions completely at random. The most common solutions include note tools, emails and Word and Excel documents. Data management becomes fragmented and can even become unmanageable. What if an employee asks for their information? Compiling them may prove impossible.  

QualityDesk offers a solution to this where all operative management discussions are gathered into one application. Everything can be found behind one login, for management, supervisors and employees. There is no need to send information by email, Teams or in various files.  

In addition, QualityDesk’s automatic data deletion allows you to delete all old data according to the data security guidelines of your company or the law. A report is generated of each deletion, leaving a trace that can be verified if necessary. This makes it easier to comply with the provisions of the GDPR, among others.  

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