QualityDesk for outsourcing services

QualityDesk helps you ensure an excellent customer experience and that the quality of the service you provide meets the customer’s requirements.

In an outsourced contact center, efficiency combined with an excellent customer experience is the key. Contacts should be managed efficiently and customers served with understanding while also trying to drive add-on sales.  

In an attempt to manage all of the above, outsourced contact centers have monitored customer interactions for decades. Coaching leadership is also a familiar concept in the field and it, too, has been practiced for decades. As the saying goes, if you want to become a professional in coaching leadership, you should go and work at a contact center. If you want to hire an effective worker, someone with experience in contact centers is your best bet.

However, the tools for monitoring and coaching maintenance are often not up to scratch. Not by a long shot. This creates stress for the supervisors who feel frustrated with the tools. Stress for the management who remain in the dark when it comes to the root causes of efficiency and the results, and anxiety for the personnel who do their best, but still cannot hit their targets.  

The QualityDesk software provides an easy fix to all these problems. Of the four founders of QualityDesk, three have worked in a contact center environment, each for more than 14 years. The tool has been developed based on this experience to remove frustration.  

The QualityDesk software is a good bargain compared to other tools in the industry. What’s more, you can start using the software without any integration projects. It takes 2–4 hours to have the software up and running. This is what makes QualityDesk an ideal solution for an industry where the costs should never rise too high.

GDPR-compliant data management

Customer data has to be systematically managed, but the same goes for employee data.

A large number of organizations record their management discussions completely at random. The most common solutions include note tools, emails and Word and Excel documents. Data management becomes fragmented and can even become unmanageable. What if an employee asks for their information? Compiling them may prove impossible.  

QualityDesk offers a solution to this where all operative management discussions are gathered into one application. Everything can be found behind one login, for management, supervisors and employees. There is no need to send information by email, Teams or in various files.  

In addition, QualityDesk’s automatic data deletion allows you to delete all old data according to the data security guidelines of your company or the law. A report is generated of each deletion, leaving a trace that can be verified if necessary. This makes it easier to comply with the provisions of the GDPR, among others.  

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