banner of the webinar called the meaning of quality assurance in a contact center

The meaning of quality assurance in a contact center

This webinar shows the meaning of quality assurance in a contact center. It affects on so many levels, that it is, or should be, the most important process in any contact center or service desk.  

In the webinar, you can see, how to create a working quality assurance process and make people actually do evaluations.

Speaker is Ville Mikkonen, QualityDesk’s co-founder. With almost 20 years of experience from the contact center industry, Ville has seen how quality assurance effects nearly everything in a contact center.

Webinar on how to make a working coaching form

How to make a coaching form that actually works?

Coaching leadership is probably the best way to make sure your team, unit and the whole company is achieving its goals. It’s also the easiest way to make sure, your employees are happy and customers love you!

Starting is the most difficult part! In this webinar, QualityDesk’s COO, Ville Mikkonen will show you how to build a coaching form that actually works.

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