For Elenia Palvelut Oy, the well-being of the customer service staff is important


Elenia Palvelut Oy and QualityDesk have entered into an agreement to use the QualityDesk service for quality assurance and coaching of Elenia’s customer service.

The well-being of the customer service staff and the quality of the service they have received have always been very important to Elenia. QualityDesk makes it easier to evaluate customer interactions, saving time on coaching and customer service development. This ensures targeted coaching and training for Elenia’s customer service staff and provides the best possible customer experience.

QualityDesk’s customer promise is to provide the world’s easiest-to-use application for quality, customer experience, staff well-being, and productivity.

“Already during the pilot phase, we were able to verify that QualityDesk makes quality assurance much easier and that we have been able to deliver on our promise. We are very grateful for Elenia’s trust in us and our software! With their trust, Elenia helps develop Finnish innovation and corporate culture”. says Ville Mikkonen, QualityDesk Oy.