QualityDesk facilitated monitoring and reporting

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Company and Usage

Suomen Vahinkovakuutus Oy is a modern Finnish insurance company serving over 165,000 customers. It is owned by the POP Bank Group and provides insurance services to consumers under the POP Vakuutus and Säästöpankin Vakuutukset brands.

The QualityDesk application was implemented in the company in 2019. It is used in Suomen Vahinkovakuutus’s customer service and claims services.


According to Service Manager Sami Kalho, the biggest challenge before implementing the application was documentation. Data was scattered in Excel and Word files, making it difficult to organize. Assessing development was also challenging without a scoring system. It was unclear how people developed and where they need help. 


The company has been very satisfied with QualityDesk. The biggest benefits are seen in tracking and reporting development: everything is in one place, the data is in a visual format, and with scoring, individual development is visible, and results can be easily reported at different levels.

There is no doubt about the application’s necessity: “I have also worked in sales coaching, where all the information was with me. From the company’s perspective, it’s a challenging situation when all the information is not in the system but relies on one person,” Sami reflects.

Communication with QualityDesk also receives praise from Sami. “Communication has been really easy, many thanks for that. We have occasional meetings, and if there has been an issue, Ville has always resolved it, everything has always gone excellently.”

QualityDesk enhances performance in customer services and sales

With QualityDesk, supervisors’ operational work becomes significantly easier as monitoring, coaching, and reporting features are all in one place.

Supervisors save time and work becomes more efficient as the areas requiring improvement are clearly visible. Our quality assurance application involves the staff in the development process, as you can choose a view from the agent level to the entire organization. This way, the staff also knows the criteria by which they are evaluated and what is expected of them, making operations fair and transparent! 

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