QualityDesk facilitated monitoring and reporting

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Finnish P&C Insurance Ltd (Suomen Vahinkovakuutus Oy) is a modern Finnish insurance company serving over 165,000 customers. Finnish P&C Insurance Ltd. is owned by POP Bank Group and it provides insurance services to consumers under the brand names POP Insurance and Säästöpankin vakuutukset. 

The QualityDesk software was first introduced in the company in 2019. According to Account Manager Sami Kalho, the biggest challenge before the software was with documentation. Data was scattered across Excel and Word files and could not be compiled into an understandable form. Reviewing development was also challenging without a scoring system in place. 

The software is used in the customer service and indemnity services of Finnish P&C Insurance. The company has been extremely pleased with the software. Its main benefits come from development monitoring and reporting: everything is located in one place, data is displayed in a visual form, and scoring shows how individuals develop. What’s more, the results can be easily reported at different organizational levels. 

There is no doubt as to the necessity of the software: “I’ve also worked in sales coaching where I myself held all the information. It’s obviously a challenge for a company to have to rely on one person instead of having all the information in a system”, says Sami. 

Sami also praises the communication with QualityDesk. “Communication has been extremely easy and for that I want to give special thanks to QualityDesk. We hold meetings now and then and if something has come up, Ville has dealt with it, and things have always gone without a hitch. 


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