QualityDesk helps Rainmaker with monitoring and perceiving the overall picture

Rainmaker is the largest service company of sales and customer work in Finland. Rainmaker provides all-inclusive sales services, contact center services, and personnel services. 

Rainmaker has been using the QualityDesk software for just over a year. According to Information Systems Manager Petteri Reponen, before the software was introduced, information was scattered, conversations were documented in Excel, and there was no systematic method for coaching or measuring results collectively.  

The software is used in a number of ways to coach employees in telemarketing and customer service. It contains evaluation forms for call listening and coaching forms for conversations with employees. According to Petteri, the software has benefits in monitoring and forming a full picture of the operations: it shows what has been done and how it has been rated.  

In terms of development needs, Petteri mentions the integratability of the software with other contact management systems. Naturally, Rainmaker also uses other systems, so connecting the software would make the supervisors’ work easier. The people at Rainmaker have been extremely happy with the contacts and communication with QualityDesk, and are looking forward to upcoming software updates. 


*Integrations at QualityDesk are always done according to our customers’ needs. The next step will be integrations with at least two contact management systems. There are already integrations with ID management (ADFS and Azure AD) and the customer experience measurement tool Surveypal. 

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