S-Bank is using QualityDesk for compliance, coaching and skill management!

S-Pankki is a Finnish bank that offers a wide range of financial services to both private customers and businesses. As part of the S Group, a major Finnish retail cooperative, S-Pankki provides convenient banking solutions integrated with the S Group’s extensive retail network. 

The bank focuses on delivering user-friendly, innovative banking services, including everyday banking, savings, investments, loans, and insurance. S-Pankki is known for its customer-centric approach, aiming to make banking simple, transparent, and accessible for all its clients.


There was no tool created for quality assurance and coaching, but for compliance assurance and coaching there were tools that were not really made for that purpose. This meant a lot of manual work, including reporting.

Coaching leadership and compliance has been important for S-Bank for a while. It’s very important that all the agents are being coached regularly. 


With the QualityDesk application, compliance, customer interaction model, and coaching leadership have been integrated into a single, secure application.

The application also assesses skills, resulting in a unified view of skill management.

“In S-Bank’s customer service, the training is excellent. QualityDesk supports the monitoring of personal development and provides a real-time view of one’s skills” – Customer Service Advisor

QualityDesk app ensures that everyone understands the goals and expectations at the operational level and that customers are consistently met with quality service.

“QualityDesk is suitably stimulating. It highlights the most important issues from the bank’s perspective and positively motivates employees to focus on improving them first.” – Customer Service Advisor

The team leader can see at a glance the success areas and development needs of their team and individual members. The evaluation of customer service skills has also diversified, involving supervisors, trainers, and advisors themselves.

Team members gain insights already during the evaluation phase. The training sessions are structured, and the agreed-upon items are followed up systematically. New training formats have also been introduced, such as 360 joint coaching and group coaching.

“Group coaching is a new operational model introduced in this context. Peer reviews enable the replication of good practices and successes!” – Team leader

At the beginning of the collaboration, QualityDesk’s security was ensured through a comprehensive audit conducted by Withsecure. The auditor’s comment after the audit was, “One of the safest software I have ever tested.” 

QualityDesk enhances performance in customer services and sales

With QualityDesk, supervisors’ operational work becomes significantly easier as monitoring, coaching, and reporting features are all in one place.

Supervisors save time and work becomes more efficient as the areas requiring improvement are clearly visible. Our quality assurance application involves the staff in the development process, as you can choose a view from the agent level to the entire organization. This way, the staff also knows the criteria by which they are evaluated and what is expected of them, making operations fair and transparent! 

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