QualityDesk brought systematicity to quality assurance

Vakka-Suomen Puhelin Oy (VSP) provides outsourced customer service, IT solutions, and data communication links for businesses. With more than 120 years of experience, VSP provides customer services to many well-known industry leaders in Finland. 

VSP has used the QualityDesk software for a couple of years. According to Service Manager Irina Tavio, quality assurance and monitoring was mostly done in Excel before, and the company was looking for a more systematic approach. The company first piloted the software and has since continued using it until the present day. 

The greatest challenges before the software were the lack of a systematic approach and the fact that the customer service advisors themselves did not have insight into their activities. Presenting the development and results in Excel involved a lot of manual work, and some of the work was also done on paper in addition to Excel. In other words, there was no consistent method of quality assurance. 

VSP’s contact center has 300 customer service advisors working in several different services, and the software is used with these advisors for quality assurance and coaching. One-on-one meetings are also documented in the software. The comments of the customer service advisors have been positive, especially in terms of how much feedback they have received on their performance. The software has helped shed new light on the skills and weaknesses of individual advisors, and its monitoring and reporting features enable the development of monitoring in a whole new way. 

Irina mentions reporting as an area in need of improvement: additional features in both its form and view are desired. According to Irina, VSP has a lot of data in the software that could be leveraged, but is now left untapped due to the manual work it would involve: “An individual customer service advisor can get a good idea of their personal development, but we have several different services and want to be able to separate the development of each service from the numbers for the whole house”, says Irina. 

Irina mentions that the software has received much praise from both the team and customers. She also wishes to thank the effortless communication with the people at QualityDesk and the readiness of QualityDesk to provide help and develop the service. 


*QualityDesk’s customer feedback is very important in order to develop the application according to the right needs. Reporting is currently being developed. The integration of data into reporting systems and/or contact management systems will also provide a better view to support management.

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