Promoting leadership excellence, QualityDesk Ltd gathers funding of more than 200,000 euros for internationalization

The lead investor is the Finnish Impact Venture Builder investment company Fiil Good that invests in companies aiming to resolve social problems and improve the wellbeing of the environment and/or people. The other investors include Sofokus Ventures that invests in scalable digital products and services.

Founded in 2017, QualityDesk Ltd has created a SaaS-based software for employee development and leadership in organizations. The software helps to assess individual and team performance and develop it through coaching leadership.

The software gives the management and HR team an overall view for managing the organization, which is especially important now that remote management is becoming more common. The target group includes large and medium-sized organizations, for which the new SaaS service provides the easiest and most productive way in the market to assess and develop operations. 

QualityDesk’s SaaS service is based on the founders’ personal experience in working in every role at customer service centers: as telemarketers, coaches, trainers, team leaders and managers.

“We four founders are passionate about good leadership. We have worked at contact centers ourselves and know exactly where the shoe pinches. We have now launched a new SaaS service to the market to modernize leadership processes at contact centers and revolutionize the development of employee and customer satisfaction,” rejoices company CEO Sakari Taitonen. 

According to Ville Mikkonen, one of the founders of QualityDesk, “Our mission and our promise is: QualityDesk will help you improve your leadership. We have noticed this not only with our clients, but also in our own operations. The cobbler’s children have shoes after all!”

The company has gained a strong foothold in the Finnish market and has already begun its internationalization journey, starting with Sweden, where the first Swedish branches of internationally operating Finnish companies have now started using the service. QualityDesk is already used globally as well, in countries as far as India.

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Ville Mikkonen

Ville Mikkonen

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