QualityDesk and Puzzel join forces

QualityDesk is now an integration partner of Puzzel.
QualityDesk can now be found in the Puzzel Marketplace and it is easy to add to the Puzzel contact center system.

If your organization is using the Puzzel contact center solution, you can now add the QualityDesk app onto the Puzzel cc system.

What is Puzzel?

Puzzel is a cloud-based contact center solution and customer service platform that allows you to manage all your customer service channels, such as calls, emails, webchats, social media contacts, SMS messages and videos flexibly with a single app. 

A good application also needs good add-ons, and QualityDesk is now a value-added service provider in the Puzzel Marketplace! In practice, Quality Desk is an excellent match for Puzzel in assessing the quality of customer interactions.

“Puzzel is an excellent application for redirecting, processing and saving contacts and monitoring the figures. QualityDesk offers a tool for assessing customer interactions and providing coaching leadership for agents. It is therefore a perfect addition to the features of Puzzel and makes life much easier for the contact center team leaders, among others!”, says Ville Mikkonen from QualityDesk. 

The technical integration can be implemented using the agile REST API of Puzzel and the integration is carried out according to the needs and desires of each individual customer.

We are extremely happy about the start of this cooperation, because integratability with contact management systems is a topic that frequently comes up in our meetings with clients. With this partnership, it will be even easier to mobilize the deployment of the app in organizations as these apps are connected to each other. We feel that such integrations will significantly facilitate and improve work in contact centers! 

Any questions?

Are you wondering about how the integration would be implemented in practice or what it would require from your organization? No worries, we are here to help!

Schedule a meeting in the calendar or contact Ville Mikkonen by calling +358505737601 or send an email to ville.mikkonen@qualitydesk.com, and we can discuss the issue together.

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