Over 20,000 coaching sessions and thousands of hours saved each year! – QualityDesk in numbers 2021

It's time to bring the numbers of QualityDesk up to speed. Our operative birthday, 13 July 2021, is here! Now is the perfect time to look back at our achievements over the past four years.

Over 7,000 weekly users and thousands of coaching sessions

The last time I went through our numbers publicly in 2018, we had just over 700 users. Today, the number has increased tenfold and continues to grow.

QualityDesk has already spread across the globe, to India, Spain, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Sweden, and naturally, Finland.

QualityDesk is used to evaluate things and personal performance (quality assurance) and in operative, coaching leadership. Our clients include LocalTapiola, TietoEVRY, Sarastia, Elenia, Fortum, Posti, Aller Media, Rainmaker, The Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities, and Finnish P&C Insurance Ltd.

More than 70,000 evaluations have already been entered in the software. This has given our clients a lot of data on activities, which has helped clearly identify their strengths and areas of development.

There are already more than 20,000 coaching sessions, one-on-one meetings, and goal-setting and development conversations entered in QualityDesk. Even a very conservative estimate indicates that this equals over 10,000 saved working hours.

Perhaps the main reason why our clients love our software is that it provides a clear picture of how coaching affects activities and thereby the results, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction.

QualityDeskissa on jo yli 7000 kayttakaa
The number of users has grown steadily and is now already more than 7,000.
arviointeja jo yli 70000
There are already 70,000 quality evaluations, i.e., monitoring sessions.
Valmennuksia jo yli 20000
Already more than 20,000 coaching sessions have been recorded.

Exceptionally high recommendation rate

Our clients still continue to highly recommend us! In 2018, our NPS was 89, so we have come slightly down from that to our current score of 88.

The reasons behind our exceptionally high recommendation rate are the user-friendliness of our software, the concrete benefits it provides, and our fast, first-rate customer service.

Over the last four years, the software has undergone one maintenance break that lasted for two hours, and a total of 15 minutes of service breaks.

Our customer service has addressed more than 700 tickets, which have all been answered within 24 hours without automatic no-reply responses. Messages and issues are dealt with person-to-person.

Growth in both sales and staff

Our sales have roughly doubled every year. This has been a good, calm way to achieve growth while still making sure that we can provide real benefits and help to our clients!

Naturally, we want to grow even more. To this end, we have launched our first external financing round. We hope this will boost and accelerate our growth, while still maintaining the high quality of our service.

This year, we hired Junior Software Developer Gabriel Romero and Marketing Trainee Johanna Kotaniemi. Both have done an incredibly good job in the very short time they have been with us! In addition to this, we have hired a salesperson in Sweden to help our Swedish clients and promote QualityDesk in the Swedish market.

QualityDeskin liikevaihto kasvaa tasaisesti
QualityDesk's turnover
Mission: to improve leadership

There are still many problems in leadership, not only in Finland, but also around the world. Many organizations swear by coaching leadership, but when it comes to putting intentions into practice, they are often all talk and no action.

Usually, the reason for this is that activities are not given enough support or they are not set as a strategic goal. Weak monitoring between the implementation of leadership and its impact also causes misunderstandings, and many decisions are made on the basis of assumptions.

We, the owners of QualityDesk, have a combined experience of over 40 years in supervisory and managerial positions, and have created QualityDesk on the basis of this experience. A service that allows everyone to be a better leader. It gives the organization a view of the leadership situation and its impact on the results. Supervisors save time and nerves, and both your team and your customers are happier.

This is our mission and our promise: QualityDesk will help you improve your leadership. We have noticed this not only with our clients, but also in our own operations. The cobbler’s children have shoes after all!

We will look at our numbers again in four years at the latest, probably sooner. I wish you all an excellent summer! Have a great time and enjoy life!

Book a demo today and embark on a journey towards more satisfied customers and a happier team!

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Ville Mikkonen

Ville Mikkonen

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