5 perspectives for managers as to why coaching leadership is worth it

What is coaching leadership? Coaching leadership means inclusive, appreciative and caring leadership. It is a form of systematic, goal-oriented leadership, where the person who is being led is given the main responsibility for personal development. Without systematic leadership, you cannot achieve the desired results. Coaching leadership can therefore significantly contribute to achieving the organization’s strategic […]

Importance of coaching leadership in employee development

Skilled and trained employees are the most important resource of a company. This is true for every single company, but the significance of skilled employees is particularly relevant in the customer service industry. Customer service agents come across a diverse range of situations and people in their work. All these interactions need to be conducted […]

Discussing expectations – get to really know your team!


Of course, as a supervisor you surely know your team, but the expectations you have of each other may often be a little unclear. What do the employees expect of you? Discussing results, giving more feedback, coaching, helping, letting them be?

The best ways of providing feedback


This is an extremely broad topic, and, in addition to opinions, there are sure to be as many facts as there are people providing feedback. But let’s not let that bother us right now! In this article, I will focus on feedback in general and highlight some things that you should consider when giving feedback. This article only concerns feedback situations between a supervisor and an employee.