The best ways of providing feedback


This is an extremely broad topic, and, in addition to opinions, there are sure to be as many facts as there are people providing feedback. But let’s not let that bother us right now! In this article, I will focus on feedback in general and highlight some things that you should consider when giving feedback. This article only concerns feedback situations between a supervisor and an employee.

Five tips for practical monitoring


The monitoring of customer service, telemarketing and customer interactions in general is often neglected. It is generally seen as a bothersome, time-consuming activity. At the same time the benefits it offers might be ignored – especially if the monitoring is not done “right”.

How can you implement an excellent quality assurance process?


Numerous studies demonstrate the significance of the customer experience. One study found that in the United States alone, companies lose 62 billion dollars each year due to poor customer experiences. According to the Global Consumer Pulse Research study conducted by Accenture, more than 50% of Finns have switched service providers because of poor service. Imagine, […]