How to make the most of the contact center’s quiet moments?

Summer is usually a quiet time for customer service. Seasonally and regardless of the sector, there are quiet moments throughout the year. So this is a good time to do a little deeper analysis of what happens in customer encounters.

Whether you work in customer service or telesales, summer is an excellent time to monitor customer encounters and analyse what is happening in those encounters.  

Monitoring gives you a clear view of what is being done right, what is being left undone and what the employee could improve in terms of what is being done. You should evaluate customer encounters from chat history, as well as from call recordings and emails. Contact details should be included in varying degrees. 

The monitoring process should also include, at this stage at the latest, an evaluation form to help you go through and listen to contacts, making it more efficient. With a clear form, the listening process focuses on listening to the important things, rather than wandering off into things that are not important after all. Moreover, form makes the listening process more systematic. 

Best results with self-assessment

Summer is also a great time in the sense that when there are normally fewer calls to customer service, employees have more time to do other things while they wait.  

One thing employees should do is self-assess! This is definitely one of the best ways to improve at work, as long as you do the listening with a good evaluation form.  

In practice, a good evaluation form is a form that assesses customer encounters using clear components and questions. Thus, questions should be designed to guide you to do the right things. 

If you want to invest in additional sales in customer service, the evaluation must include questions about the quality of the sales work, such as, for example, is the customer’s situation being fully mapped? Is the customer being offered the most appropriate solution? Do you wait for the customer’s response in silence? If other issues are more important, the questions should assess them.  

Self-assessments help to ensure that the guidelines are clearly memorized and that everyone is clear about what is expected from customer encounters. For many, the self-reported observations of what they are doing also help them to really improve their own weaknesses.  

Make the most of summer!

So now is the time to make the most of the quiet times of summer and to do some monitoring, not only by front-line staff, but also by employees.  

We want to help you, so we are offering a two-month pilot of the QualityDesk app. Start in July and you will get July for free! In total, three months for the price of two, only €1200.

The pilot is an excellent way to learn about what is happening at the customer interface. You will also see how the quality assurance application works in practice and what the benefits are. You will also find that with the right tools, you will save your supervisros’ time and achieve your goals more systematically. 

The pilot can be easily launched with a two-hour kick-off meeting, where we will go through your needs and create an evaluation form based on them. Training on the app takes less than an hour because it’s so easy to use and intuitive.  

You can easily start the pilot by contacting us at or by booking a short appointment!

 Have a great summer! 

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Ville Mikkonen

Ville Mikkonen

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