Leveraging the protégé effect in customer support

teamwork makes the dream work

The importance of customer support can never be underestimated. Your agents are at the frontline of your business, and often also the last person your customers interact with after a sale is made or when they have issues with your services. Customer support agents are the ones handling your company’s reputation, and the satisfaction of […]

Emotion trumps reason. Every time.


What are you feeling right now? Why do you feel that way? These are questions that you should definitely think about every now and then. Especially when emotions are running high: you may be feeling angry, frustrated, disappointed, happy, successful or thankful.

How can you implement an excellent quality assurance process?

Numerous studies demonstrate the significance of the customer experience. One study found that in the United States alone, companies lose 62 billion dollars each year due to poor customer experiences. According to the Global Consumer Pulse Research study conducted by Accenture, more than 50% of Finns have switched service providers because of poor service. Imagine, […]