Improve customer experience, increase sales and make your team happier

QualityDesk is the most intuitive software on the market for ensuring superior contact center performance

QualityDesk provides solutions for continuous, data-driven service quality development through quality assurance and employee development

QualityDesk allows you to:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Improve employee experience
  • Improve compliance
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase sales
"The app helped us to improve the quality of our customer encounters, which in turn strongly drives us forward as a lifelong security company. I can't even think anymore how I could act or promote things without a tool like this."
Jutta Joffel

QualityDesk Features

Quality Assurance

Create as many evaluation forms as you need with full control of them. Whether it’s customer service, sales service, face-to-face sales or any other work-related activity, assessment forms give you clear targets for employees to achieve the best possible work efficiency, results and, for example, customer experience.
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Great leadership is coaching leadership. It enables meaningful conversations across the organization. Use coaching forms for 1-2-1 sessions and set development targets to ensure continuous employee development. Everything leaves a visual trail making it easy to see employees’ progress.
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Visual Reporting

Get visually intuitive business insights in real-time. See all the important figures in one view and easily identify the root causes of each unit's/team's success, as well as the challenges for the less successful ones.
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Measurement of CX & EX

When you need to create a customer satisfaction or employee satisfaction survey, forget about every other tool. With QualityDesk, you can easily create surveys and send these directly through the software.
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"Here is a tool that is made for real need! Although I like Excels, which you can use in many situations, when it comes to monitoring the quality of customer service or coaching staff, QualityDesk is top-notch! Easy, fast and transparent for supervisors, coaches and the most important, customer advisors."
Posti group oyj
Kaisa Salmitaival
Posti Oyj (Finnish Post Office)
“I would recommend the app to everyone except competitors. I would not recommend it to competitors because it would be an advantage for them."
Sales Account Manager
“With QualityDesk, the competencies and weaknesses of individual customer service agents are highlighted in a completely different way, and the monitoring and reporting features allow you to track progress in a totally new way.“
VSP logo
Irina Tavio

QualityDesk helps you ensure superior quality in your contact center

We help companies succeed by giving them modern tools to produce and utilize valuable data on customer interactions. Our user-friendly interface and fully customizable platform ensure a match to your business’s needs.

QualityDesk comes with pre-made templates for evaluating and coaching forms, plus you can create as many custom forms as you need with full control of them. Real-time and visual reporting ensures you get the insights you need to make informed business decisions. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to automated quality assurance workflows!

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