QualityDesk is the most intuitive software on the market for ensuring superior contact center performance

QualityDesk helps you ensure superior quality in your contact center

QualityDesk is a comprehensive solution for quality assurance and staff development in sales and customer service. With our software, you’ll never leave your employees on their own. They have access to market-leading tools to improve themselves and help you, the leader, to enhance your coaching. All the relevant data can be found on one platform, and progress is ensured.

QualityDesk features:

The most intuitive and efficient method on the market to evaluate your own performance and measure the team’s performance

Long and expensive deployment processes are a thing of the past - you can start using QualityDesk right away, and we´re confident that even your children would be able to use it.
Hyper personal service - if you've got a problem, we´re on it within few hours. 
Here’s how QualityDesk is affecting people’s lives as we speak:
"Here is a tool that is made for real need! Although I like Excels, which you can use in many situations, when it comes to monitoring the quality of customer service or coaching staff, QualityDesk is top-notch! Easy, fast and transparent for supervisors, coaches and their most important, ie customer advisors."
Kaisa Salmitaival
Posti Oyj (Finnish post office)
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