How to monitor the success of your campaigns?

You have launched your campaign and you feel good about it. But how can you be sure that your campaign is really having the desired effect? In this post, we’ll give you some tips on how to monitor the success of your customer service campaigns. By doing so, you can make the necessary adjustments and […]

6 tips for telemarketing coaching!


Earlier I wrote about six tips that a telemarketer can use to achieve better results and to create excellent customer experiences. However, the fact is that with the help of modern telemarketing technology, one employee can achieve up to 100 customer contacts per day. At this pace, a telemarketer may easily lose their focus, which will lead to lower customer contact quality and lower sales rates. None of us are machines, so how can we prevent this from happening? Of course, supervisors are the answer.

The best ways of providing feedback


This is an extremely broad topic, and, in addition to opinions, there are sure to be as many facts as there are people providing feedback. But let’s not let that bother us right now! In this article, I will focus on feedback in general and highlight some things that you should consider when giving feedback. This article only concerns feedback situations between a supervisor and an employee.