Customer service as a competitive tool: What is good customer service?

Customer service has changed in the 2010s from an expense item to a strategic competitive tool for companies. Why? Because as customer journeys have become more complex and personalized, the role of the customer experience has become even more important.   The quality and value of products or services is simply no longer enough, but companies […]

5 perspectives for managers as to why coaching leadership is worth it

What is coaching leadership? Coaching leadership means inclusive, appreciative and caring leadership. It is a form of systematic, goal-oriented leadership, where the person who is being led is given the main responsibility for personal development. Without systematic leadership, you cannot achieve the desired results. Coaching leadership can therefore significantly contribute to achieving the organization’s strategic […]

Importance of coaching leadership in employee development

Skilled and trained employees are the most important resource of a company. This is true for every single company, but the significance of skilled employees is particularly relevant in the customer service industry. Customer service agents come across a diverse range of situations and people in their work. All these interactions need to be conducted […]

QualityDesk sponsors Kontaktadagen 2022

Sakari Taitonen QualityDesk

Kontaktadagen is the biggest conference of the year for those who work with customer meetings via telephone and digital channels and want to create tomorrow’s customer experiences. Kontaktadagen 2022 will focus on customer relationships in the digital world, customer experience and new technologies, including AI, which is increasingly impacting today’s customer relationships. We are excited […]

QualityDesk now available online

QualityDesk is the most intuitive software on the market

Starting systematic quality assurance is now easier than ever. You can subscribe to QualityDesk online and start using it in minutes! We have made the implementation and on-boarding as easy as possible, and you will have clear step-by-step instructions within the software. And what’s best, no IT department’s help is required for deployment, but the […]